Gosh, could this weekend go any faster? I hate it when the weekend flies by! Anyway, yesterday I went to Amsterdam and met up with Kelly and Jojanneke. The weather was total crap! Rainy, windy and cold. But that didn’t stop anything. We had some drinks at the Beiaard. We didn’t get to see any of the Chinese New Year festivities. So we just chilled in a bar and chatted the hours away. After that we went to this Italian restaurant who had pizza for half price. It was nice, but the service sucked, so no tip for that bastard fucking waiter.

After dinner we decided to see a movie. We went to see Meet The Fockers, sequel to Meet The Parents. Now I haven’t seen Meet The Parents yet, but you don’t really have to see it in order to watch Meet The Fockers. The movie was hilarious. I had some laughs! I thought it was funny.

After the movie I just went home. It was raining cats and dogs and it was cold. I also had a headache from the wine I drank earlier. So at about 11pm I went home.

When I got home I was chit chatting with Soraya online. Yes! Her internet is finally working, for crying out loud. I know exactly what she was going through. I mean it’s internet. It’s the gate to the whole wide world! But she has landed in cyberland. So that’s good! We had fun chatting til early morning. Well Soraya went to bed around, I don’t remember. Around four or something. Ha! I went to bed around eight. I know it’s really bad. I wasn’t tired yet. My headache was over by the time I got home. So just shoot me. Anyway, I had a nice long sleep til 3:30pm today. Nice!

Tomorrow it is freaking Valentine’s Day! Yuk! I hate it. I am sure I am thinking this because I am single or whatever. It’s ridiculous! Valentine’s day. All happy couples celebrating their love for each other! I am telling you, tomorrow I don’t even wanna come near couples. Fucking hell! I don’t wanna hear any crap about love and happiness and whatever. So you are warned! Fuck off! Stay away from me and get outta my air! At least I am not bitter!

Tomorrow work again and I don’t feel like going. But I have no choice. I am gonna end my shit here! How was your weekend?