Can this weekend go by any faster? I absolutely hate it when the weekend just whizzes past! So, yesterday, I took a trip to Amsterdam to meet up with Kelly and Jojanneke. The weather was utterly dreadful – rainy, windy, and cold. But that didn’t deter us. We sought refuge in the Beiaard, enjoyed some drinks, and tried to catch up with the Chinese New Year festivities, but we weren’t so lucky. So, we just decided to stay at a bar and chat away the hours.

Afterward, we went to an Italian restaurant that offered half-priced pizza. The food was decent, but the service was abysmal. No tip for that terrible waiter.

Following dinner, we decided to catch a movie, “Meet The Fockers,” a sequel to “Meet The Parents.” I haven’t seen the first one, but you don’t really need to watch it to enjoy “Meet The Fockers.” The film was a riot, and I had a good laugh.

After the movie, I headed home. The weather had turned miserable, with torrential rain, and it was quite cold. Moreover, I had a headache from the wine earlier in the day. So, around 11 pm, I called it a night.

Once home, I found myself chatting with Soraya online. Yes, her internet is finally up and running. I can relate to her struggles – it’s the internet, the gateway to the world, after all. So, it’s great that she’s back in cyberspace! We had a great time chatting into the early hours. Soraya went to bed at around 4 am, while I continued until about 8 am. I know, it’s really bad. I just wasn’t tired yet. Fortunately, my headache had disappeared by the time I got home. So, go ahead, shoot me. Anyway, I enjoyed a long and restful sleep until 3:30 pm today. Lovely!

Tomorrow is, ugh, Valentine’s Day! I can’t stand it. I’m sure my disdain is due to my current single status or something. It feels utterly absurd – Valentine’s Day, the day for all the lovey-dovey couples celebrating their affection for each other! I can assure you, tomorrow, I’d rather stay far away from couples. Please, no lovey-dovey stories and sappy stuff. Stay away from me, and please, don’t invade my personal space! At least I’m not bitter, right?

Work starts again tomorrow, and I’m not particularly looking forward to it. But I have no choice. I think I’ll wrap things up here. How was your weekend?