Hey, everyone! Two days ago I turned 40. I can’t believe it. And I must say that I feel quite okay about it. My birthday itself was chill, lonely and boring. I did get to stream live on Twitch in the evening, playing episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2. And I got to hang with my little community, who have spoiled me rotten with donations and bits. It was awesome! Thanks, by the way, to those who made me feel loved on my birthday!

The reason why I feel okay being 40 may be because I made some changes in my life two weeks prior. I have shared this on Twitter and on Twitch. I used to be the kind of person who would have a drink or 5 every night. EVERY NIGHT! Feeling a buzz was kind of my thing. I know it sounds bad, but it was. And I have been doing that for the last two or three years! Maybe even longer. It was mostly beer that I drank, the strong kind that had at least 10% alcohol per can. Sometimes I drank wine, but that was rare. And I usually start drinking on stream too.

So, the changes that I made… Two weeks ago I decided to stop drinking cold turkey. I haven’t bought any alcohol whenever I did my groceries run. I also stopped drinking Coke Zero. And now, two weeks later, I feel great. Although I did experience quite a bit of withdrawals. Headaches, mostly. But right now it seems I got over that too!

Now, does that mean that I will never ever touch a drink again? Well, no! I am trying to hold on to it for at least one month, to just cleanse. Maybe even longer, who knows. I think a nice glass of wine would be fine, every now and then. Just with moderation. No more drunk Leander being drunk every night. I feel right now those days are over and done!

I was quite surprised, really. And I am very proud of myself too. I mean, if there’s a strong will, then there’s a way, right?

I want to start my 40′s taking better care of my body and mind. Maybe lose a little bit of weight, which I can already feel happening since I stopped drinking. I take better care of my skin too. It’s all good! Plus, not buying alcohol and soda anymore really saves a lot of money as well.

So, yeah! I am 40 now. And so far it’s been a great start. During my thirties I was mostly dealing with lots of ups and downs, family drama, depression, drinking a lot. And I decided to change it up for the better.

Do you love it?