Turntables were the focus of my attention last week, as I had a strong desire to dust off my Madonna vinyl collection. Unfortunately, I lacked a proper record player for the task. To remedy this, I approached my father with my wish to acquire a turntable, allowing me to enjoy my vinyl records once again. Subsequently, we embarked on an online journey, sifting through numerous turntable options. While we stumbled upon some pricier models, ranging upwards of 400 or 500 Euros, I wasn’t in the market for an expensive one.

Early in the week, I ventured to Media Markt, a substantial electronics store, with the hope of finding a suitable turntable. While browsing, I encountered a SoundMaster model with a vintage aesthetic, priced at around 60 Euros, which seemed appealing to me. Regrettably, my dad found it to be of a rather cheap and fragile quality, leading us to dismiss that option.

However, another SoundMaster turntable caught our eye, specifically the NR-513 model, often referred to as a “Nostalgic Music Centre.” This multifunctional device boasted a turntable, cassette player, CD player, radio, and built-in 50-watt speakers. Additionally, it offered a USB port for recording music from vinyl to a USB memory stick. While the extra features didn’t particularly interest me, my primary objective was to enjoy my vinyl records, so I was content.

Ultimately, we decided to purchase it for 189 Euros due to my impatience and my dad’s enthusiasm for the device’s additional features. This, however, proved to be a mistake. Upon connecting the turntable and placing one of my cherished Madonna records on it, all I encountered was skipping. My frustration grew as I tested multiple records, each yielding the same frustrating result. Annoyed by this turn of events, we returned the turntable and obtained a refund the following day.

Undeterred, my father and I ventured to another store, where we came across the ION Pure LP turntable priced at 72 Euros. It possessed an elegant and sleek design, which intrigued us, but we refrained from an immediate purchase. Instead, we continued our online quest, seeking information on the ION Pure LP and its performance. Mixed reviews left us in a dilemma, but we ultimately decided to give it a shot.

Upon returning home, I arranged the turntable and connected it effortlessly, thanks to its built-in pre-amplifier. This allowed me to connect speakers directly to the turntable, and I eagerly played my Madonna records, initially without any skipping issues. However, the following day, the dreaded skipping reappeared, albeit less frequently. Perplexed, I turned to online resources to understand the nuances of turntable functionality, discovering that some models include a counterweight adjuster and anti-skating options to prevent skipping. My earlier lack of research had become evident.

As a result, I embarked on a new online search, focusing on turntables equipped with a counterweight. I found various options, with some remaining expensive, but one affordable and well-received turntable caught my attention: the Akai ATT05U.

Last Saturday, I journeyed to Rotterdam with my parents and visited Media Markt, where I was pleased to find the Akai ATT05U available for purchase. After returning home, I unpacked and set up the turntable, a slightly more complex process than anticipated. Like the previous turntable, the Akai ATT05U featured a built-in pre-amplifier, facilitating direct speaker connections with white and red plugs. It also included a USB port for PC or Mac connection, though I had no interest in the accompanying software.

To my delight, the Akai ATT05U performed admirably, playing my Madonna records without any skipping issues. I reveled in the nostalgia, as the music transported me back to my childhood in the ’80s. Priced at 123 Euros, the Akai ATT05U struck a balance between quality and affordability, making it a highly recommended choice.

As for the other two turntables I initially considered, I strongly advise against them. The SoundMaster NR513 proved to be subpar, and the ION Pure LP lacked a counterweight, making it less than ideal. In conclusion, the Akai ATT05U stands out as a fantastic, reasonably priced option. While I may not be a turntable expert, I’ve certainly learned the importance of research and patience. Here’s to a wonderful week ahead! Ta-ta for now!