In the past few days, I’ve been quite busy transferring my entire website to a new web host. My previous hosting service had significantly raised their monthly fees, prompting me to search for a more cost-effective alternative with improved services included in the price. The decision to switch was rather straightforward.

The only challenging part was moving all the data – exporting previous posts and media files and importing them onto my new server. I’ve managed to restore most of it, and things are up and running. There are a few minor adjustments that need to be made, but I’ll address them gradually.

Since I’m now on a new host, I decided to freshen things up a bit with a new design. As you may have noticed, it now resembles a fabulous online magazine, and I absolutely adore the new, refreshing look. I hope you do too.

Regarding recent updates in my life, not much has changed. I’m still streaming on Twitch every weekend, which is always a delight. I’ve been contemplating redesigning the overlays for my channel as well. I had some ideas in mind, but with the sudden need to change web hosts and update the website’s look, I haven’t had much time to bring my vision to life on my channel. For now, I’ll stick with the current layout, and hopefully, I’ll soon have the time to focus on redesigning or rebranding my Twitch channel.

I’m keeping up with my regular Instagram posts, with over 200 reels so far. While I’m not overly focused on numbers, some of my reels have garnered a significant number of views. Nevertheless, I’m still trying to fully understand how the algorithm works. The view counts can vary significantly between different reels, but I’m fine with that. I enjoy creating them, and that’s what matters most. I also repost all of them on TikTok and YouTube. If you’re not already following me on Instagram, feel free to join in – I love interacting with people there.

Looking forward to the weekend, as I’ll be streaming more of Alien: Isolation and, hopefully, completing the game soon. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’ll also continue with Subnautica and Days Gone (with the Daryl Dixon mod). It’s shaping up to be a fun weekend!

This upcoming Monday, I have an appointment related to potential volunteer work. I’m already a bit anxious, as I tend to struggle with groups and meeting new people. However, I am proud of myself for RSVPing to the appointment. It’s just a two-hour meeting with lunch provided, focused on discussing volunteer work options, so it shouldn’t be too daunting. I’ll keep you updated on how it all goes.

Last but not least, I decided to cut my hair. That’s all there is to it!