Happy Wednesday, everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing great! I had a good day today. I took the train to Delft, because I had another therapy session, which was short but powerful.

After that I went to IKEA and did some shopping. I bought a small cabinet and a coat rack for my hallway. Also two delicious smelling scented candles and two storage boxes for my new cabinet. I love IKEA. I could browse around for hours! If you want to see what I purchased at IKEA, you can check out today’s vlog.

My folks and I had take out for dinner. Yummy Chinese food! I haven’t had any Chinese food in ages! Dinner was delicious and scrumptious. I treated my folks for dinner, just because I felt like it. They wanted to have Chinese and that’s what we got!

Whenever I am at my parents’ it’s always nice and quiet, because the area they live is not really in the city centre of Delft. So, I often find myself sitting on the balcony and just enjoy the calmness. Very zen! Especially shortly after a therapy session. It will put your mind at ease.

Since I had a lot of stuff to carry home, my folks dropped me off. But first we did some groceries, because I needed a few things.

Then my folks dropped me off at home and that’s basically how my day was like. Very random, but it was nice to have a little quality time with mom and dad.

I hope your day was great! Remember to check out my vlog on my YouTube channel if you wanna see what I got at IKEA! Anyway, I’m about to watch the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and then continue watching the rest of season 3 of Once Upon A Time. I hope y’all enjoy your day/night, wherever you are!