Are you consciously attuned to the sources of joy, inner peace, and serenity in your life? Are you mindful of the mistakes you’ve made and the invaluable lessons drawn from them? Are you vigilant about the circumstances, situations, and even the individuals who either bolster your growth or hold you back from achieving your full potential? Failing to be attentive means that you may inadvertently surround yourself with elements that do not genuinely have your best interests at heart.

Our capacity to choose is where our true power lies. When we’re inattentive to the details of our lives, we often make choices on autopilot, driven by habit or external influences.

Therefore, it’s imperative to pay attention.

Pay attention to each blessing that graces your life and the opportunities to be a blessing to others. Pay attention to the workings of your life, both what’s effective and what’s not. Above all, pay heed to your dreams, that soft inner voice in your heart that whispers the precise steps you should take, moment by moment.

In essence, pay attention.