Another day off that flew by so fast! And I didn’t do squat! What else is there to do when you are already broke? Anyway, I have been working on the site a bit. Added more pictures to the photo album. That’s all! And a little bit of editing. Nothing to big! My parents are out now. They are going to the casino in Rotterdam. They have these festivities there because of the Chinese new year. I wanted to go too, but later on I didn’t feel like it. I think it would have made me depressed that I can’t gamble, because I don’t have any money. What if I would win the jackpot? Anyway, maybe my parents will be lucky. My mom asked me if I had any lucky numbers for her that she could use for the roulette game. I gave her numbers 8 and 11. I don’t know why.

Yesterday at work it was so quiet! I was on MSN the whole evening. But no one seemed to care to talk to me. Time went so slow. In the beginning I was so pissed off, because I started my shift with only having annoying people on the phone with annoying cases! I got a bit worked up in the beginning. But I managed to survive!

Soraya and I can’t wait to go to Los Angeles next month! We are so fucking excited! It will be alot of fun! We still have to search for a hotel and I still have to arrange my Northwest standby tickets. We will fly via Detroit. Aah, the home of Madonna. There are three flights going to Detroit from Amsterdam, so we will have three chances to go on the flight. I am sure it will be alright!

Soraya bought a book and I so have to have that one as well. It’s for girls, but since I am gay it is also a little bit a book for me. The book is called “He Is Just Not That Into You”, written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. It’s witty and entertaining guide to interpreting men from a writer and a consultant of Sex and the City, which has become a publishing sensation in the US. A no-holds-barred decoder of male behavior. I can’t wait to read that book, since I have no luck with the men. See if it will help me. Soraya will lend me the book when she is finished. But I have to have a copy for myself as well.

Tomorrow work again, late shift from 3pm til 11:30pm. It’s all about the money! I just woke up from a three hours nap. After dinner I sorta nodded off a bit, so I decided to lay down.

What else have I done today? Well I was waiting for Soraya to come online. Today she was supposed to get Internet access again. She was waiting the whole day for the UPC people to stop by. She e-mailed me, via her cellphone, saying that they didn’t come because she was not listed in the file, or something like that. How annoying is that? Not a good impression for UPC if shit like that already starts! I would have died. Wasting your time waiting for them.

Anyway, I am gonna wrap it up here. I’m just not into it at the moment. Ha!