Wow! Partying in Amsterdam until the early hours really takes its toll on you, seriously. Last night, I hit Amsterdam with Verena, Cindy, and Denis. We started at the Arc. For me, this was the second night in a row out. Let’s not make it a habit, shall we? Anyway, the Tai Tai cocktails started flowing, and I felt fantastic. It was a great night of dancing and laughter, and everything was just so relaxed. I had a blast. After the Arc, we moved on to E-Lounge, a bar and dance club on Rembrandt Square. Wow, it was an absolute blast. You had to be there; it was just so much fun. And I’m not trying to be conceited. Everybody had a great time, we all had a blast! So much fun! I danced like a madman the entire night. Seriously.

However, I don’t do this every week. I got home at 6 in the morning, utterly exhausted. My head was throbbing a bit. Am I getting too old for this? Hell no. I definitely want to do it again, soon. But, again, not every weekend, or I’d go broke for sure.

Today was a relaxing day. I went to the city for a leisurely stroll, getting some fresh air, you know. It was a lovely Sunday. I have to return to work tomorrow, but I just remembered that I’m off for three days after that. How great is that! Anyway, Sunday isn’t over yet. I’m going to savor the final hours of the day. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too.