Yesterday, work was rather depressing for me, to be honest. It felt like a real downer, but I did manage to get through it. Alex was a sweetheart! After work, she took me out in Amsterdam. She treated me to dinner at an Argentinian restaurant, which was so kind of her. I had some delicious ribs, as usual. Following dinner, we spent time relaxing and people-watching at the Arc. I enjoyed a few Tai Tai cocktails. We had some great conversations, lots of laughs – it was exactly what I needed. Big thanks to Alex!

I have the weekend off now. I considered visiting my friends, but the state of my house is in disarray. It’s an absolute mess. I have to vacuum and mop the floors, tackle a week’s worth of dirty dishes, do some laundry, and change my bed sheets, among other things. I sometimes wish I had a maid or something. Don’t all A-list people have maids? Or am I just being silly?

Anyway, this was just a quick update. Once I finish cleaning, I plan to watch the new season premiere of Ugly Betty, which I still need to download. So, my day is well-planned, which is a good thing. On Monday, I have to work, but after that, I’ll be off for three days again. At the moment, I’m not going to dwell on the numerous things to complain about. I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.