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Hot flashes and sweatiness

I’m enjoying the warm sunny weather we are having here in Holland. Normally I get headaches when it’s warm, but I keep myself hydrated and cool! 🙂

I took a nice little stroll outside yesterday when I went out to do some groceries. It was a ‘no jacket’ and flip-flops kinda weather. Feeling the hot flashes and the sweatiness was something to expect. Altho, at night it cools off quite a bit. And yet, after taking a couple of cold showers, I still had hot flashes and sweating issues. I don’t know what it is that causes it. I try to stay hydrated and cool by drinking lots of water. But no, the hot flashes was something that kept on occurring. My body is weird!


The one with the warm weekend

I have waited what felt like a long time! Waited for the weekend! Problem is always that the weekends are going so fucking fast! Really annoying. I feel like mentally preparing myself for next week, when I have a bad week of six days of work. Six fucking days in a fucking row. Oh well! I was only suppose to work for five days, but I still owed Gosia one day. That’s right! It bites me in the ass!

The weather here in Holland is slowly getting better and better! I even did my grocery shopping without wearing a jacket! I was wearing a t-shirt! Can you believe that? Anyway, nothing much is new! Just been chilling! Hope you had a nice weekend!