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The Sims 4

Warm Delight

Finally another speed build video! Sorry for the long absence, everyone. Here’s a two bedroom and two bathroom family home that I built in The Sims 4. And I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Download it from The Sims 4 Gallery here!

The Sims 4

Modern Ojai

I am back with another speed build video! Here’s a two bedroom and two bathroom family home I built in The Sims 4. There’s a garage present as well and a spacious back yard with a swimming pool. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery here. Or search for it using my EA ID, which is: itsleander.

Check out the speed build video!

Here are some screenshots of the house!


Happy New Year

Wow, this is the first post of 2021! Happy New Year, everyone! The first couple of days in the new year I have been doing nothing but chillin’. I canceled my stream on New Year’s Day, because I felt like I needed a little break, so that’s what I did. New Year’s Eve was chill for me as well. I have been talking to my online friends a lot, killing time and just do whatever.

New Year’s Eve must have been so different for everyone on this planet. And it’s safe to say that 2020 sucked big time. I hope in the new year we get to see things change for the best. I am over this whole pandemic! I want everything to go back to normal. But I feel it will take a while before the world is completely recovered and at ease. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

So, the past couple of days I have been unproductive. I haven’t recorded any videos yet for my YouTube channel. I felt rather uninspired, which I hope will change soon. Gotta get my groove back, you know what I mean? I have been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto V on my Playstation 4 Pro, doing missions and stuff. Love the game. I have the game on my PC as well and I used to stream it a couple of times on Twitch. I am pleased that I am further with the game than when I was playing it on my PC. I planned to play some more today, but I was forcing myself to take a little break from it, so I finally started watching season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK!

Tomorrow I will start getting back to my regular streaming schedule again, my first stream in the new year. We’ll probably build in The Sims 4 again, but I don’t know yet what to build. I’ll just make up something quickly before I go live. Or find some inspiration online, that helps too. So, I hope to catch you all when I am live!

But, yeah! I hope everyone had a great start of the new year. And I really hope that the new year will give a lot of people something better, for everyone. All I can say is that I will send each and everyone of you positive vibes. And I am reminding you that we’re all in this together. Try to have a positive mindset, okay?

I don’t have any New Year’s Resolution. I don’t do that. People often have resolutions for when it’s a new year, but not me. Why wait and change something when it’s a new year, while you have the chance to make changes before a new year starts? It never really makes sense to me.

Enough rambling for now! Again, Happy New Year! Be good and be kind!

The Sims 4

Little Woody

I have been feeling rather uninspired to build lately, so here’s a basic little family home I built in The Sims 4 in just over an hour! This is a two bedroom and two bathroom family home. There’s an outdoor shed and a little garden as well. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery here. Or look for it in the gallery under my EA ID: itsleander.

Check out the speed build video below!

The Sims 4

Amstel Bar

Here’s another commercial lot I built in The Sims 4. This is a Dutch inspired bar/cafe. Since we have more half walls in the game it is possible to make a traditional Dutch townhouse facade. I built this bar on a 20×15 lot and it fits perfect in the world of Britechester. Download this build from The Sims 4 Gallery here. Or look it up under my EA ID, which is ‘itsleander’.

Check out the speed build video for this build. The ending of the video is kinda messed up, oh well!

The Sims 4

White Delight

With the new platforms tool in The Sims 4 I have been trying out and experimenting a lot with this tool, especially when it comes to modern builds. This is a one bedroom modern home I built and using the platform tool makes it even more awesome to create modern houses. I am pretty pleased with the final results. A clean and minimal modern home. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery here.

Check out the speed build video for this house below.

The Sims 4


Snowy Escape, the latest new Expansion Pack for The Sims 4, is released! This pack looks amazing and the new world is Japanese inspired and just gorgeous! Here’s a Japanese styled house that I built using just the base game and objects from the new pack! It’s a two bedroom and one bathroom family home. Download the house from The Sims 4 Gallery here.

Check out the speed build video below! I had early access thanks to EA Game Changers. So a big shout out to them. I had a lot of fun building this house!