Yesterday I went to Amsterdam and met up with Jenny! The weather was really nice. Very warm and sunny. We were just chilling most of the time. I drank a couple of pints and later on we smoked pot along with another friend of Jenny! It has been a while since I have smoked pot. So it went straight to my head. I became a little giggly, which I always am when I am stoned. I laugh about the stupid things, really. It was so funny. We were at this coffee shop, and ofcourse they only sell weed. Me and Jen were kinda hungry. Jen was looking on the menu board and there she saw ‘Blunt Wrap’ and so she got all excited: “Oh they have wraps, they have wraps! Can I have one with cheese?”. It was so fucking hilarious! The girls behind the counter had to laugh their asses off! Real funny…

After that we went chilling again in the sun on the Dam Square, we were waiting for Jenny’s other friend, Naoko. She is so funny! Silly but funny Japanese girl! I had to check with her about my tattoo. So I showed it to her and asked if she could read it. She was like: “Oh, Madonna!”. So my tattoo is real. I actually never doubt it wasn’t.

Later on we all had dinner at an Irish pub! The food was yummy! When it was more in the evening it bacame a bit more chilly. In the restaurant, Jenny suddenly didn’t feel very well. I think the joint was still kicking it for her. I didn’t go home that late.

I have to work today. I start at 2:30pm. Not really in the mood. I prefer to go back sleeping as I am fucking tired as hell. This whole week I start late. On the other hand it’s good, I like it! So I’m gonna get ready for work. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Peace out!