I’m absolutely thrilled to share that I have plans to see Madonna not once, but twice! And who knows, I might even consider Germany or Spain. For now, I’ve got tickets to catch her show in London on August 19th and then in Paris on September 4th. What an absolute treat! I’m over the moon!

Yesterday, I caught up with Gosia in Amsterdam. We enjoyed a lovely dinner and then went to watch the movie Gothika, starring Halle Berry. Oh my goodness, that film is seriously heart-pounding! I had heard it was a bit scary, but it truly lived up to the hype!

Today, I’m headed to Den Bosch to spend time with my grandma, as her birthday is just around the corner. It promises to be a nice visit. Plus, I have a day off from work tomorrow.

That’s about all I have to share for now. Wishing you a fantastic remainder of your weekend!