What can I say? Almost the whole country is white! Yes, that’s right! It’s snowing here in Holland! It has been snowing today non stop! It’s unbelievable! Luckily I was at work this morning on time. Work was busy! Back to back calls as there were many flights cancelled and delayed. At one point I got all tired of talking!

I was off at 5:30pm and I had to walk to the station. There was a lot of snow! Almost over my ankles! It was a Kodak moment, but that’s that! It all looked so nice, but I have had enough! Rosemarie called me at 9:30pm and she asked me to guess how many calls waiting there was. I was guessing between 20 and thirty, like it was the whole day. Well not! There were 70 calls waiting! I was like: Oh Dear Lord! That has got to be a pain in the ass. Especially when you see the displays which show how many people are waiting. And it is blinking red! Totally annoying! I am glad I didn’t had to work in the evening! I would be so frickin’ pissed!

Tomorrow I think I will catch one train earlier. Just to be on the safe side! Don’t feel like getting up one half hour earlier, but oh well. I will survive! I am off to bed now. I am tired. Still from the night shifts I had the past weekend. Anyway!