Today was a very hectic and exhausting day at work. There is even more snow than yesterday! It feels like a white Christmas. It’s nice. But enough already. I went to work this moment and while I was waiting for my train in Delft I got a message from Soraya, who started at 7am, saying that I should prepare myself because there are 115 calls waiting. I was like freaking out! Because of the snow, all the flights from Amsterdam were delayed! I even worked over time today. I nearly worked for 12 hours! The maximum calls waiting I saw was nearly 200! Not fun! I am so tired!

Tomorrow I was supposed to start at 9am, but they asked me if I could start earlier. First they asked me if I can start at 5am. I was like: Squeeze me? I don’t think so! No way I will have 4 hours of sleep and then go back to work. No fucking way! So instead I start at 7am. Still early, but you know. I am too good for this world.

So! Jenny is in Amsterdam tonight. I will meet up with her tomorrow after work. It’s been a while since I have seen her crazy ass. Should be fun. Okay, I am gonna go. I am tired! Ciao!