It was quite a eventful week for me. In addition to my work commitments, I managed to squeeze in some social activities. Last Thursday evening, right after work, I made a spontaneous decision to head to Tilburg and pay Gisela a visit. It was a short trip. I wrapped up work at 8:30 pm and arrived in Tilburg around midnight. I returned home the following evening.

Gisela had recently purchased a new Sony Playstation 2, and to top it off, she got the coolest game ever – “Friends: The One With All The Trivia!” It was a blast. We had a friendly competition, and, of course, I emerged as the champion. I consider myself the ultimate Friends expert, and while it’s a bold claim, it happens to be the truth!

There are three types of games: the easy one, the moderate one, and the spicy one. Naturally, we opted for the spicy version, which featured all challenging questions. The game is incredibly enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to the possibility of an Xbox version being released in the future. It offers a wealth of questions, literally numbering in the thousands, accompanied by hundreds of clips from the show – truly impressive!