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    Obsessed with The Walking Dead

    Oh my goodness, you guys! The past three weeks I have been obsessed with The Walking Dead! I only watched like two or three episodes when it first came out but…

  • Television

    Welcome to Schitt’s Creek!

    Oh my goodness, have I been living under a rock, or what? I just caught up and binged all five seasons of Schitt’s Creek! The show started in 2015 and I…

  • Television

    25 years of Friends

    Exactly 25 years ago the first episode of Friends aired in The United States and shortly after that the show started airing here in The Netherlands and I have been watching…

  • Television

    Queer Eye Obsessed!

    You guys, oh my goodness! I have been binge watching all four seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix and I am obsessed! I love the show so frickin’ much! I don’t…

  • Television

    90210 is back!

    You guys! The wait is over! The original gang of Beverly Hills 90210 is back! For the past few months I have been waiting with lots of anticipation for the return…

  • Television

    Miranda Sings: Your Welcome

    Yay! Miranda Sings’ is coming back to Netflix with a comedy special and I am super ‘ESSITED’!! One of her last shows was recorded for Netflix and it will be released…