The latest episode of American Horror Story delivered an unexpected surprise. I found myself having an “oh my God” moment when a sudden burst of music and excitement – not to mention some vibrant color – made its way into the episode. In general, the second season of American Horror Story maintains a rather dark and unsettling atmosphere. However, in this particular episode, Sister Jude, portrayed by Jessica Lange, is now one of the patients at the dreadful psychiatric facility known as Briarcliff. After undergoing shock therapy, she experiences a hallucination in the game room when Lana inquires if she remembers her identity. I appreciate how the show’s creators injected a sense of fun and brightness into this otherwise grim setting.

In season 2, episode 10, there’s a memorable scene where Sister Jude joins several others from the cast in singing “The Name Game.” It was a lighthearted moment, and I absolutely loved it!