Oh, I can hardly contain my excitement today! Pretty Little Liars has returned from its fall break, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this for four long months! Well, they did show a special Halloween episode in October, but that’s beside the point. It’s been quite a while! I downloaded and watched Season 3, episode 14, and I’ve got some thoughts to share.

So, Mona is out of the nut house and back at Rosewood High! Her parents seemed hesitant about letting her return to the school, but she insisted on going back to her old stomping grounds. I wonder why? There’s definitely some unfinished business she’s dealing with. The secrecy is killing me! Mona claims she’s all better now, but I can tell she’s just putting on an act to make others believe she’s fine. However, the girls don’t seem to be buying it. And that cow brain in Mona’s locker? That’s some seriously twisted stuff! You’ve got to love the intrigue. But my hunch is that Mona did it herself, or someone working for her. Maybe Jason? Did you see the looks on their faces when she paraded through the hall with that cow brain on a massive kitchen knife?

Toby still has me confused. What’s his deal? Is he part of Team A, or is he just pretending to be with them to uncover their secrets? It’s all a big mystery! I’m hoping he’s just in Team A to gather information. This episode revealed even more secrets. Aria’s father had some sort of involvement with Alison, though the details are still fuzzy. All we know is that Alison was blackmailing Aria’s dad about their affair. But I believe there’s more to that story. And what’s going on between Jason and Mona? Was Jason the one responsible for the school fire? I thought it was Mona. Are they teaming up? And that creepy janitor at the school who also worked at the motel where Mona’s hideout was located – what’s his deal?

So many suspects, so many secrets! They really need to make the episodes longer than just 45 minutes! LOL. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next episode!