Today, I decided to step on the scale and check my weight, and it was quite disheartening to see that I’m nearly back to the weight I was a year and a half ago. I used to weigh around 95kg, but I successfully shed some pounds by embarking on a dietary journey, reducing my carb intake, and engaging in occasional exercise such as using my crosstrainer and taking long walks. This effort brought me down to around 82kg/83kg over several weeks. However, the past year has been a rollercoaster with its fair share of ups and downs, not to mention the holidays that tempted me with junk food once more.

Yesterday, I recommenced my healthy eating regimen, although I detest the word “diet.” Let’s reframe it as a lifestyle adjustment, shall we? As I’ve mentioned previously, it predominantly involves cutting back on carbs – no rice, potatoes, bread, or pasta. I might allow myself something sweet once a week, but that’s still up in the air. Everything else is fair game, as long as it’s in moderation. My primary focus will be on consuming plenty of vegetables, fish, and occasional meat. Equally important is snacking every two hours, be it with nuts, raw veggies like carrots, or yogurt. It might not be the most optimal or healthiest approach, but it’s the path that worked for me before, helping me shed about 10kg over several weeks. It will be a challenge, but I’m committed to seeing it through!

The fact that I blog and vlog is a silver lining because you all can bear witness to my progress. I snapped a photo of myself on the scale earlier, and currently, I weigh 93.4kg. In a few weeks, when I’ve made substantial progress, I’ll post another picture to keep myself accountable and motivated.

Today, I had another light meal, consisting of cauliflower and grilled chicken. That’s it! I’ve been having small snacks every two hours, like whole wheat crackers with a thin layer of cream cheese.

I’m also making a conscious effort to reduce my Diet Coke consumption, despite its “diet” label. I’m taking a break from Frappuccinos as well. Oh, the challenges I’ve set for myself! But I’m confident I can handle it. I’m trying to replace my Diet Coke habit with water, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t quite hit the spot taste-wise. Or I might opt for plenty of green tea. I’ve also been experimenting with a herbal tea my mom bought from an Asian grocery store. It’s strange, but it seems to curb my appetite, or maybe it’s all in my head?

In any case, I’m asking for your support and well-wishes, everyone! I’ve done it once, and I’m certain I can do it again!