Today, I returned to work after being ill for two and a half days. At one point during my workday, I had a momentary scare, thinking I might be experiencing another migraine. My head suddenly throbbed, and everything became excessively bright. Thankfully, it turned out to be a false alarm. Work wasn’t particularly hectic today, but it felt like time was dragging on.

I’ve swapped my shift for tomorrow. Originally, I was scheduled to start at 1 pm, but I changed it to 9 am. This way, I’ll finish work at a more reasonable time. I might even request an hour off at the end of my shift, which would be nice.

I’m planning to go to Tilburg on Saturday, but I’m considering heading there after work tomorrow. I’m still unsure about that. On the other hand, spending the evening at home with a potential migraine doesn’t sound too appealing. I’ll decide later on what to do. Anyway, there’s nothing else new for now. I’ll relax for a bit and then try to get some rest. An early start awaits me!