Today, I decided it was time to take down my Christmas tree. I didn’t want to be one of those people who leave their trees up until February – there are actually some who do that, can you believe it? But before I got to that task, I paid a visit to my parents in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours with them. We also went out to do some grocery shopping. I picked up some healthy items, but I’ll get into that later. My mom treated me to some delicious and nutritious food! Yes, folks, I’m still committed to eating healthily. Mom prepared rice, but I opted for veggies with grilled chicken and a boiled egg. She also had this Aloe Vera drink, which was nice, but not something I’d want to drink regularly.

When I returned home, I finally took down my Christmas tree. I didn’t really want to, but it was necessary. Who wouldn’t want one last look at their Christmas tree, right? Here it is!

Of course, my tree is artificial. Dealing with a real one would be too messy, and I’m not a fan of that! With a fake tree, it always looks good!

So, now that the Christmas tree is gone, my living room looks a bit dull. No more sparkly lights and colorful ornaments. What a pity! But on the bright side, there are eleven months to go before I can put it back up again. Yay! I also had plans for a big cleaning spree, but I’m saving that for tomorrow.

After I finished taking down the tree and putting everything away, I started feeling a bit peckish. As I mentioned, I bought some healthy snacks at the grocery store! For a snack, I had three whole wheat crackers with smoked salmon – delicious! Normally, I’d spread a layer of Philadelphia cream cheese on them too, but that was the one thing I forgot to buy at the store. I also picked up a couple of bags of these snack-sized carrots – healthy and tasty! So far, so good with my commitment to eating healthily. I’m doing my best to stick with it!

It was a productive day today, and I hope you had a good day too! Now, it’s time to unwind for the evening. Ta-ta for now!