Yesterday, I had a work shift that lasted until 9:30 pm. After work, Gosia and Maya kindly picked me up, and we headed to Amsterdam to meet up with Soraya and her friends at Boom Chicago, all in celebration of Soraya’s 26th birthday. The drinks flowed freely, and I might have indulged a bit too much in Vodka Lime. As the night progressed, our conversations seemed to revolve around one topic: sex, sex, and more sex. Not that I mind, it made for an evening filled with laughter!

When we finally left Boom Chicago around 1:30 am, the rain was pouring, and we made our way to Bittersweet, a bar and dance spot near Central Station. To add to the mix, the clocks had sprung forward by an hour. We left Bittersweet at 4:30 am, and then Gosia and I hopped on the train back to The Hague, though it had a 35-minute delay. It was bitterly cold. During our train journey, we made a stop at Schiphol Airport, where we took a break to warm up and enjoyed some hot beverages. I eventually arrived home at around 7:30 in the morning.

Interestingly, once I got home, I found myself surprisingly awake. Still, I managed to head to bed just before 9. It was a fantastic evening and night filled with plenty of Vodka Lime, although I did eventually switch to Diet Coke.