Yesterday, I embarked on a day trip to Oostende, Belgium, with my parents. It was a short but tiring road trip. The drive to Oostende felt long and somewhat dull. I kept myself occupied by using MSN and browsing Hyves on my little pocket PC, listening to some tunes on my iPod, and even nodding off briefly.

Oostende was pleasant. We did some window shopping, strolled around, admired some boats, indulged in fries, and later on, we visited the casino. The casino was nice, though not quite as impressive as the ones we have here in Holland. I also had to make an urgent pit stop while I was there. I’d been consuming a lot of Activia the past few days, so it turned into quite the, let’s say, “diarrhea moment” for me. It was very watery, but not exactly runny; more like a thick chocolate milkshake. However, it was a great relief, even though the smell was unbearable. I tried to mask it with a cigarette. Yes, I smoked in the restroom, but if it weren’t allowed, they shouldn’t have ashtrays in there, right? Oh well.

Around 8 pm, we made the long drive back to Holland, with a pit stop in Rotterdam to grab some food. There’s this chicken restaurant, Koolmees, that serves one of the best grilled chicken meals ever, so we picked up some chicken takeout.

I was utterly exhausted when I got home. My parents came over, and we had a late-night chicken dinner. I had intended to work out before bed, but I decided to skip it. Instead, I relaxed at my computer, chatting with my friend François and watching videos on YouTube. It was quite enjoyable.

Today, I ventured out of the house for a few hours, heading into the city. I picked up season two of both Beverly Hills 90210 and The L Word. I’m loving it.

I also bought a delicious shrimp salad that I plan to enjoy along with some leftover chicken from yesterday. I’m absolutely famished. I hope you had a great weekend. I’m looking forward to another long weekend next week. Can’t wait!