Today marks the final day of 2015, and I thought it would be fitting to wrap up this year by sharing some of the highlights from these past twelve months. It’s been a year filled with many positive developments and moments, and I’m genuinely content with how it’s all unfolded.

First and foremost, I achieved a significant personal victory, one that I’m rather proud of. After more than 20 years of smoking (yes, I started at a very young age), I finally managed to kick the habit of those pesky cigarettes. I accomplished this with a method that I believe could help many others who are striving to quit – vaping. I began with e-cigarettes from Zensations, which are essentially rechargeable batteries that you can attach e-liquid cartridges to, available in various flavors. So, I vaped on these for a few weeks, occasionally still smoking cigarettes, but not as frequently as before. However, it turned out that e-cigarettes didn’t quite satisfy my cravings. It was a nice change, but it didn’t provide the full satisfaction I was looking for.

That’s when I delved deeper into the world of vaping. I stumbled upon YouTube videos offering reviews of various vaping equipment, including mods, clearomizers, atomizers, and more. Initially, it all seemed like a foreign language to me, but after watching countless videos, I began to grasp the concepts and terminology.

In March, I made the transition to a mod – specifically, the eGrip by Joyetech. It’s a straightforward mod with a built-in tank and a 20-watt capacity. I still don’t entirely grasp the nuances of wattage, but 20 watts is the maximum capacity for my device. From what I understand, higher wattage can enhance the flavor of the e-liquid, although I’m still learning.

So, this year, I successfully bid farewell to cigarettes, and I can hardly believe I managed to do so. I had attempted to quit many times before, only to fall off the wagon after a few days. Vaping has proven to be a far healthier and more enjoyable alternative. I now own a total of three mods, including the Eleaf iStick 20-watt mod and the Eleaf iStick 60-watt mod with temperature control. The latter is my most recent addition, purchased just a few days ago, and I absolutely love it. Furthermore, there are countless flavors of e-liquid to choose from, making the transition even more enjoyable. It’s a significantly better alternative to smoking, and I have no regrets.

When I began vaping, I started with e-liquids containing 12 mg of nicotine. Gradually, I’ve reduced that to 3 mg of nicotine. It’s been a gradual process, and I’ve found that 3 mg of nicotine suits me perfectly. It’s wonderful not to wake up with that dreadful feeling of having lungs in my throat. Additionally, vaping is less harmful to my lungs, and I’ve even noticed that my skin looks more refreshed. Cheers to a life free from cigarettes!

The second highlight of the year, something I’m incredibly pleased about, is that I am finally debt-free. It’s an absolutely fantastic feeling! I had accumulated a debt of around five thousand euros. This burden began with a severe depression that took hold in 2009, leading to the loss of my job, financial struggles, debt collectors, increased depression, and ultimately a burnout. I reached a point where I was suicidal, sought therapy extensively, and battled severe social anxiety. You may be familiar with this story, so I won’t delve deeper into it. But after roughly five years, I’ve finally cleared my debt. With considerable assistance from a budget management agency, I had to make some difficult choices and cut certain ties, but I managed to overcome it. It’s a gratifying feeling to be debt-free, and it enables me to concentrate on work and focus on rebuilding my life.

The third significant decision I made was to change my YouTube channel. As some of you may know, I had been daily vlogging since 2009, sharing my life, ups and downs, in a video blog series that eventually transitioned into weekly vlogging. Over the years, I had accumulated over 900 vlogs. I was eager to make a change because earlier this year, I began to feel better, reclaiming my life and working on self-improvement. After careful consideration, I decided to alter my channel’s content and establish a gaming channel, primarily dedicated to The Sims 4. I had recently acquired the game when the Mac version was released, and I thought it would be an excellent addition to my channel. However, I wanted a fresh start. So, I ultimately made the decision to delete all 900+ vlogs, along with all the videos in which I had shared my deepest emotions, struggles, and emotional breakdowns. It was a clean slate. I’m genuinely pleased with the new direction I’ve taken. While I still upload a vlog occasionally, the majority of my content comprises gaming videos. I’m thoroughly enjoying this shift. It was a significant step and a tough decision to make, but I have absolutely no regrets. I’ve also backed up all my old vlogs on my external hard drive, so they’re not lost.

Lastly, the ultimate highlight of the year was witnessing my number one idol, Madonna, once again at the Ziggodome in Amsterdam on December 5th! The Rebel Heart Tour was a spectacular experience. This marked the tenth time I’ve seen Madonna perform, and she exceeded all expectations once more. I queued outside the venue for twelve hours, enduring the freezing cold, but it was entirely worthwhile. My body was practically broken for the next two days, but, as I mentioned, it was unquestionably worth it. I wish I could see the show again, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience it at least once. Long live the Queen of Pop!

These are the highlights of my 2015. They represent moments of personal achievement and success. As for 2016, I have no specific resolutions. I’ll embrace whatever comes my way and live in the present. I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, filled with lots of love, joy, happiness, peace and unity!