What’s up, everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and I apologize for that. However, today holds special significance for me, as it marks the day I bid farewell to the “stinky sticks,” commonly known as cigarettes. On March 8th, 2015, I finally kicked the smoking habit, and it’s an achievement I’m extremely proud of. I smoked for over 20 years, starting in my teenage years. Despite numerous attempts to quit, the longest I managed to abstain was only one week. The fact that I’ve stayed smoke-free for this long fills me with immense happiness and pride, and I intend to continue on this path.

The key to my success in quitting cigarettes was vaping. While I still receive a nicotine fix (usually not exceeding 6mg in the e-liquid I use, sometimes opting for 3mg or even 0mg), vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking. It’s devoid of the harmful smoke, chemicals, and tar that blacken the lungs, and instead, it offers vapor.

My journey began with disposable e-cigarettes from Zensations, which I used for several weeks. They were a decent starting point, but I eventually sought a more tailored solution. My curiosity led me to various vaping channels on YouTube, where I learned about mods, atomizers, and more. Eventually, I took the plunge and acquired my first all-in-one mod, the Joyetech eGrip. This compact device featured an integrated tank and battery and became my vaping companion for several months. Unfortunately, it eventually gave out, so I purchased the iStick 20W by eLeaf, which I found in a store. With the iStick as my primary mod, the Joyetech eGrip became a backup device.

As time passed, I encountered a review of the latest eLeaf mod: the iStick 60W with temperature control, a fantastic device that now serves as my primary on-the-go mod. I paired it with the Herakles Hydra tank, which features convenient top-filling and offers a perfect vaping experience.

Recently, I’ve developed an interest in RDAs and building my own setups, including coils. While I’m still relatively new to this aspect, I acquired the Troll RDA and began wicking my coils with cotton. It’s a slow learning process, but I’m making progress, understanding ohm ratings, wattage, resistance, and other essential aspects.

To accommodate my new RDA, I sought a separate mod for home use, one that would allow me to drip e-liquid randomly between puffs. This quest led me to the Reuleaux RX200, a powerful mod that can reach 200W, includes temperature control, and boasts a sleek design. I’m absolutely thrilled with this device!

As you can see, the past year has been an exciting journey of discovery in the realm of mods and vaping. There’s still much for me to learn, but I’m confident that I’ll continue growing in my knowledge and understanding. Most importantly, I’ve successfully remained cigarette-free for a full year. Hallelujah!

If you’re a smoker, I strongly encourage you to consider vaping as a viable means to quit. Each person’s journey to quitting is unique, and I had my share of difficulties. Yet, thanks to vaping, I ultimately achieved my goal.

Happy one-year anniversary to me for being smoke-free!