Alright, I’ve done it again, and I apologize! It’s been a while since my last blog post. Lately, I’ve been more into vlogging than blogging, which you may have noticed if you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel. So, please forgive me for neglecting my blog. Don’t worry, I won’t let it slide.

I’ve had a pretty busy couple of days. Last Friday, I ventured out to Amsterdam and hung out with Cindy at her place. It was a lot of fun, and you can check out the video from that day on YouTube. On Saturday, I took off for the weekend to Tilburg to visit Gisela, and that was a blast as well. So yeah, I’ve been quite the busy bee! It’s refreshing to get out and about, rather than staying indoors all the time. Fresh air and some sunlight can really do wonders for a person.

Yesterday, I spent some quality time with Gee. She came over, we snacked, watched New Moon (Team Edward!), and simply enjoyed each other’s company. It was a lot of fun!

So, it’s a new week with no concrete plans. I’m still on the job hunt, striving to turn my dreams into reality. How’s it going? Well, it’s okay, I guess.

Oh, and here’s some good news – I’m pretty much debt-free. No more credit card debts and no outstanding loans with my bank. Hallelujah! Instead, I owe my aunt some money. She generously helped pay off all my debts, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. No more stress about dealing with credit officers and such. It genuinely feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m really happy about it.

I’ve temporarily set aside the little WordPress project I was working on. I really should pick it up again, promote it, and potentially earn some income from it. I need to dive into it this week, do some research on sponsors and such. I mean, doesn’t the idea of working from home, planning your own schedule, and designing WordPress themes sound like a dream? It certainly does to me! So yes, I really need to focus on that.

Anyway, not much else is new. It’s mostly the same old routine and everyday stuff. I’ll make an effort to blog more frequently because, you know, my website and blog are where it all began. I can’t let that slip away.

I hope everyone is having a great week, and I’ll definitely be back to blog again soon! Take care, folks!