Hey there! I hope your Christmas or whatever you celebrate over the holidays was absolutely fantastic. Whether it’s a big deal for you or just another couple of days, I genuinely hope it brought heaps of joy, warmth, and all-around good vibes your way.

As for me, my holiday routine was pretty chill. I didn’t go all out or anything. Just did my own thing, you know? It’s what I’m vibing with right now, and it turned out to be pretty darn nice. I decided to treat myself a bit, got this cool 3D puzzle set of Central Perk from “Friends,” one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I had big plans to tackle the puzzle on Christmas Eve, but somehow ended up hooked on the first season of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Shoutout to my best friend George for recommending it – got me hooked big time. I’ll spill all the deets on that show once I’ve powered through the whole series.

Despite enjoying the solo downtime, I gotta admit, there was a bit of a lonely vibe creeping in. I know, I know, I could’ve hit up the parental units, but it wasn’t that kind of loneliness, you feel me? Just one of those usual pangs. But hey, it was all good – kept it cozy on the couch with candles, a blanket, and indulged in all sorts of junk food. Yep, gave myself the green light for some epic snacking.

Anyways, now that the holiday hustle is behind us, I’m kinda relieved. Christmas can be a bit of a struggle, right? Feels like society’s constantly nudging you to be all family-oriented. Nothing against being around people, especially my mom and dad, but I just wish it was the other ones I care about, you know? Oh well, maybe in the future. Who knows what’s in store.

We’re wrapping up the year real soon. Planning to drop another blog post with the highs and lows of 2023 before the curtain falls. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Once again, hope your holiday shenanigans were top-notch. Catch you on the flip side real soon!