Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my beloved grandma once again and spend some quality time with her, showering her with love. It was our first visit since 2014. To reach my grandma’s place, it’s about a 1.5-hour drive, and I was surprised to see that her part of Holland had more snow than my own area, and it was noticeably colder there.

During the car ride, I couldn’t help but capture the picturesque winter scenery with my camera.

When we arrived, my grandma was delighted to see us. As is our tradition, we took her out to a local café for some delicious snacks and heartwarming conversations. We kept her company for an hour and a half, creating cherished memories together. Before we left, we took some photographs and selfies, capturing the moments.

My grandma’s residence was beautifully decorated for the holidays, so we took a picture of her beside a lovely Christmas tree. I also snapped some selfies that included my dad and my grandma, although he prefers not to have his picture online. However, I believe there are a few older posts on my blog where I’ve shared his photo, but oh well.

I was truly overjoyed to have the opportunity to visit my sweet grandma once again.

After our brief visit, we headed to the home of some family friends for dinner, which was about a 45-minute drive from my grandma’s place. I’ve known one of them since I was a child, and my parents have been friends with them for about 30 years. They gather a couple of times a year during special occasions.

The town they live in was also covered in snow and festively decorated for the holidays. Even though Christmas was over, I couldn’t help but still feel the Christmas spirit in the air.

Dinner was absolutely delicious. We enjoyed Peking Duck with pork, chicken, vegetables, tofu, and rice—it was a delightful feast. I even got a little takeout container to bring leftovers home with me, which meant I didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner the next day.

I was a bit concerned about allergies because our friends have a cute cat named Leila. I was fine throughout the evening until about an hour before we left. Suddenly, I started tearing up, and my eyes became incredibly itchy. It was a shame because Leila is such an adorable cat. Allergy or not, I couldn’t resist taking some selfies with her.

We returned home just before 11 pm, with a two-hour ride ahead of us. I was so exhausted that I briefly dozed off while listening to the first six tracks of Madonna’s upcoming new album, “Rebel Heart.” When I woke up, we were almost home, and my mom jokingly mentioned that I had been snoring like a pig. Oh well!

It was a fantastic day of getting out and about. Reconnecting with my grandma was a heartwarming experience, and I hope to see her again very soon in the new year.

Tomorrow is the final day of the year, everyone! What are your New Year’s Eve plans? As for me, nothing too special. I’ll spend it at my parents’ place, and that’s about it. Feel free to share your plans in the comments.

Thank you for reading about my day, and I hope you’re all doing well. Until next time, take care, dear readers!