Celebrating my birthday today, I’ve officially reached the age of 35! Hooray! Well, maybe not so much. Another year has come and gone, and I’m feeling the weight of time passing.

Despite my reservations about aging, I had a wonderful, relaxing day. My parents took me on an excursion to the Hook of Holland, which isn’t too far from here. This coastal spot boasts a massive harbor and a ferry terminal, where colossal cruise ships come and go from various destinations. There’s also a lovely beach to be found, and we spent a tranquil afternoon there, dipping our feet in the water and savoring the gentle beach breeze.

The weather today was surprisingly favorable – sunny and not too chilly. It was odd, though; I expected the beach to be bustling with activity given the weather, just like the beaches in The Hague. To my surprise, it was serene and uncrowded. I told my mom that we should return during a nice day and spend it lounging on the beach and taking a dip in the water.

I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook and Instagram. Your kind words mean a lot to me!

Tomorrow, I’ll be having a family birthday gathering at my parents’ house, and I’m eagerly anticipating the celebration and, of course, the presents! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.