It’s that time of the year again, my birthday month, and I’ve got another 12-hour birthday stream planned on Twitch! Just like last year, I’ll be hosting a laid-back and enjoyable stream where I’ll play games, interact with some of you, and celebrate my 42nd birthday. It’s incredible how time flies, and I’m another year closer to, well, you know. My birthday stream is set for my actual birthday, Sunday, July 17th, starting at 11 AM (CET) and continuing until 11 PM (CET). As for the specifics, I’m still deciding on the exact plan. Maybe some Sims, followed by some community games? We’ll chat, perhaps have some guests join us on voice chat, and there might even be a bit of celebrating. We’ll see. There’s nothing I’d prefer more than spending time with my wonderful community. It’s going to be a blast, because, well, I’m a lot of fun!

So, mark your calendars, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there! Don’t forget to follow my Twitch channel if you haven’t already.