It’s been a while since I last posted a new blog. Today is Christmas, and it feels like a good time to share a little something. First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May your day be filled with joy and laughter. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you a fabulous weekend.

I hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing pretty good. Currently, I’m taking a little break from streaming on Twitch. This break is mainly for decompressing and having some “me” time, which is always a good thing. I’ll be back to streaming on January 6th.

Christmas isn’t a holiday I celebrate like most people. As an introvert, I usually prefer to do nothing and spend time by myself. That’s precisely what I’m doing again this year. I’ll have some quality time with my family the day after Christmas, but that’s about it. I’m not much into fancy celebrations or being around too many people. It’s just not my cup of tea. I used to feel weird about it because when you tell others that you prefer to be alone, they often give you strange looks or wonder why. But for the past year or two, I’ve stopped caring about what others think. I just want to do what makes me happy. I enjoy my own company, making a nice dinner, and treating myself to things I love. It’s nice! Speaking of treating myself, I’ve been indulging quite a bit this holiday season.

Recently, I’ve started collecting Funko Pops from my favorite TV shows, including “The Walking Dead,” which is a show I adore. I currently have eight Funko Pops, and I can’t wait to collect more from “The Walking Dead.” I’ve also added three from “The Golden Girls,” another favorite of mine since I was young. I’d love to collect Funko Pops from my other favorite shows, like “Friends.” So, this holiday season, I’ve been spoiling myself with these collectibles, and I absolutely love it!

Speaking of “Friends,” I decided to treat myself and purchased the Central Perk Lego set! I spent hours last night putting it together, and it’s super cool! To showcase all of my Funko Pops, I also bought a display cabinet from Ikea, and I plan to add the Lego Central Perk set to it. It’s super fun!

I also treated myself to a new Razer gaming mouse for my PC and picked up some new clothes as well.

So, here we are, with the year almost coming to a close, and I still can’t believe how quickly it has flown by. It’s crazy! I don’t have any big plans for New Year’s Eve. It’ll be the same as always, just me, some bubbly, and some couch time. Simply heavenly. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store. It’s safe to say that mentally, I’m feeling pretty good again. I’m more secure and confident in myself, and I hope that will come in handy for the new adventures ahead. But I might post a separate blog entry before the new year kicks in.

Anyway, that’s all I have to share for now. I just wanted to wish everyone a joyous holiday season. I know the holidays can be tough for many, and I want you to know that my thoughts are with you. Sending you lots of strength to get through it.

Thanks, everyone! I’ll be back with more soon!