Hey, check it out! The Don’t Tell Me (The Remixes) EP dropped on all your favorite streaming and digital platforms. It’s got a cool lineup of 10 tracks, featuring the edited version and eight awesome remixes of the main title track. And as a bonus, you’ll find Cyber-Raga, the extra track from the Japanese edition of the Music album. Madonna’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’ – The Remix EP you didn’t know you needed! Enjoy the vibes!

The Remix EP Tracklist

  • Don’t Tell Me (Edit) 4:11
  • Don’t Tell Me (Vission Radio Mix) 3:47
  • Don’t Tell Me (Thunderpuss’2001 Hands in the Air Radio) 4:25
  • Don’t Tell Me (Timo Maas Mix) 6:55
  • Don’t Tell Me (Tracy Young Club Mix) 11:00
  • Don’t Tell Me (Thunderpuss Club Mix) 7:51
  • Don’t Tell Me (Vission Remix) 7:53
  • Don’t Tell Me (Thunderpuss’ 2001 Hands in the Air Anthem) 10:20
  • Don’t Tell Me (Victor Calderone Sensory Mix) 6:46
  • Cyber-Raga 5:32

“Don’t Tell Me” by Madonna is a sassy and empowering pop anthem that seamlessly blends electronic and country influences. Released in 2000, the song features a distinctive acoustic guitar riff, giving it a unique sound that sets it apart from Madonna’s other hits. The lyrics convey a message of independence and self-reliance, with Madonna rejecting unwanted advice or interference in her life.

The track’s production is a mix of modern beats and twangy guitar chords, creating a genre-defying fusion that was ahead of its time. Madonna’s confident and assertive delivery adds to the song’s overall attitude, making “Don’t Tell Me” a standout in her extensive discography.