So, last Friday I finally caught Madonna’s Celebration Tour in Amsterdam. I was all hyped to blog about it right after the concert, but truth be told, I needed a few days to bounce back. That day was a marathon – over 12 hours on my feet, freezing in line. But was it worth it? Heck yeah! An Unforgettable Night in Amsterdam!

Just a few days before, I was wrestling with the flu and stressing that I might miss the show. Luckily, the day before the concert, I felt way better than I had in days.

Got to the Ziggo Dome around 10 am, despite having Early Entry Golden Circle tickets. Wanted that primo spot, you know? Found a bunch of folks already in line, shivering in the cold. It wasn’t a pleasant wait, but at least I got to chat with other fans, some who traveled all the way from the UK and Italy.

Doors for Early Entry opened at 4 pm – thank the stars! We all hustled inside, stood in another line, but hey, it was warm in there. Managed to sneak out for a bathroom break and snag some merch. Madonna was doing her soundcheck, and it was wild hearing her prep. Around 7 pm, we finally got inside, escorted to the Golden Circle area. Scored a sweet spot on the side of the main catwalk.

The show kicked off around 10:20 pm, with an epic intro from Bob The Drag Queen, rocking Madonna’s iconic Marie Antoinette look. Then Madonna hit the stage with “Nothing Really Matters.” Thrilling doesn’t even cover it – I was straight-up mesmerized!

The whole show lasted almost 2.5 hours, wrapping up around 12:40 am. Missed the last train, but my parents swooped in and picked me up – they got lost, and I froze my butt off waiting. Body shutting down, fingers and toes numb – a bit of a struggle. Grabbed some McDonald’s, and I rolled into home around 4 am, completely wiped.

The entire show was mind-blowing, especially the first half with all those 80s classics – “Everybody,” “Into The Groove,” “Open Your Heart,” and “Holiday.” Felt like a time-traveling trip to 80s heaven! The nods to her entire career were just awesome.

One standout moment for me was when she belted out “Live To Tell,” paying homage to friends and those lost to AIDS. A seriously emotional tribute that got me all choked up.

Wish I could’ve caught more shows, but I’m just thankful I made it to this one. It was my eleventh Madonna concert, and it’s an experience etched in my memory forever.