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Cindy’s birthday party

It was a long time ago since I was really drunk! Until last night! My cousin Cindy celebrated her 25th birthday, along with her mom’s 50th birthday. The drinking started at home, while I was waiting for my folks, aunt and cousin to pick me up. I only had three glasses of wine, no biggie. I was quite tipsy already when we arrived at the party.

Sharleen and I started off on Bailey’s, before dinner got served. Bailey is so nice and creamy! I started to feel sober again after having two plates of food and eating snacks. I decided I’d go for the Bacardi. I don’t know how many Bacardi’s I drank, but I sure had a great time!

It was also great seeing my cousin Sharleen again, after oh such a long time. We basically grew up together and we went through a lot together when were little toddlers. We had some good laughs last night!

Ofcourse there were pictures taken. But not that many with my camera. Shocking isn’t it? There are a total of 5 pictures in my photo album. I will ask my cousins to send over their pictures. So more to come soon!

I feel a bit dehydrated, because of all the alcohol. I will drink lots of water today! Nothing else is new, Just gonna chill! Waiting patiently until Tuesday when I get my paycheck!


It’s all about the Mojito

Last night was so much fun! I went to The Arc in Amsterdam together with Soraya. It was cocktail night! We had some drinks and we ate some nice and delicious finger food. All we had to drink was Mojito. We had like 6 each? I don’t remember. All I remembered was that we were both totally wasted! It was nice though. I had a great time. The bar closed at 1am so after that we went to have some more food at Febo! I was starving. Then I just went home, because I had a train to catch!

Now something embarrassing happened for the second time. I fucking fell asleep in the train and I woke up in Rotterdam! I was so bummed! There I had to wait for an hour for the next nighttrain. I was so pissed. I already had a headache. I couldn’t wait to be home. I was home at about 4:30am. I went to sleep immediately. I had a nice sleep. When I woke up I felt so exhausted. Not really a hang over, thank God. I was supposed to go out today and got some passport pictures. I will do that tomorrow. Also I will need to get a new passport, for the United States next month. Probably gonna cost me money again! Oh well.

Nothing more to say at the moment. Still a bit tired! Tomorrow evening I have to work until 7am the next morning! What a joy! Peace out!


Drinking at work

A couple of days has passed. Here I am again to give you another update on my boring life. Well I told you all on how I spend Singles day. Haha! Last thursday I went out in Amsterdam. Well I was suppose to go but there were some slight changes in the plans. It was Maya’s birthday so we went out for drinks after work at Three Sisters. It was nice and cozy. Drank alot! Five vodka Limes on an empty stomach! So I was feeling my buzz. We were supposed to go out and dance at Sinners, an R&B; club in Amsterdam. There was a long ass queue. Marianne got free tickets but it says that it is free if you enter the club before one. And were there at 1:30am. So you had to pay 10 euro’s to get in. It was fucking cold outside and my toes were practically falling off. So me and Soraya decided not to go.

So we had a quick bite to eat at Burger King. And then I took the night train back home. I was tired! I got home at 4:30am and I had to work again at 10am. I was a zombie at work. But I managed to got through it. Yesterday there was a party at work, a bi-monthly drink. It was nice. Free food and alcohol! There was a theme as well. Something middle eastern like. Was really nice. I got a little too carried away. I was totally wasted! Rosemarie was too. It was fun! After the party we went to Defile, the pub downstairs at work. More drinking there. Also smoked a joint. Me and Rosemarie were totally baked. I think I have done or said something embarrassing from time to time. I don’t know and I don’t care. It was fun. I don’t remember much really, haha! It’s all very vague.

Now I am off for three days and I am loving. I am broke as hell, so I can’t do anything. Oh well. So that’s it. Don’t have anything more to say for the moment. Have a great weekend!