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Grandma’s funeral

Today we said our final goodbyes to my beloved grandmother. It was quite an emotional rollercoaster ride for me, to say the least. After a short night of sleep and feeling restless and filled with anxiety, my parents picked me up early in the morning to drive to my grandma’s home where she has been peacefully resting in her own room since she passed last week.

I got to see her one more time and I was happy to see she looked like she was finally in peace. Being the sensitive being that I am I couldn’t stop myself from shedding lots of tears.

I had another final glimpse of my grandma after she was put in her casket. With a white rose in her hands, looking like she’s sleeping, I laid my final eyes on her for the very last time before the casket closed, with the thoughts that I will never ever see her again in the physical world.

Along with my cousins we put her casket in the hearse, covered with beautiful arrangement of flowers from my grandma’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The family drove to the crematorium where friends and other relatives joined us for a service honouring my grandmother, filled with lovely words, photo visuals and memories. As the service came to an end, the direct family gathered around the casket for the very last goodbye. I put my hand on the casket while tears were rolling down my cheeks.

My sweet grandma. The only grandma I had left. Lived to be 95 years old. I will miss her so much! She’s always been the best grandma to me. Always spoiling me. She lived a full life. I will always cherish the memories I have, for the rest of my life. She’s finally reunited with my grandpa, after almost 30 years. And they are both watching over their loved ones. I do believe that.

I love you, my sweet grandma!


Rest in peace, grandma

My sweet grandmother passed away peacefully earlier this evening at the age of 95. Two nights ago she suffered a cerebral infarction and she was not waking up any more. This evening she was peacefully put to rest. I was happy to have said my final goodbyes to here while she was in a coma. I said my final words and expressed my love for her.

My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease since she was 86 years old. She struggled with the disease for nine years, forgetting more and more, but luckily never the faces of her loved ones. She was such a strong woman! The sweetest grandmother anyone could wish for. I am happy she is in a peaceful place right now, watching over her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Rest in peace, my sweet grandma. I love you and I’ll miss you so much!


Visiting grandma, snow and allergies

Yesterday I went to visit my sweet grandma again and had some quality time with her and to give her some love. Our last visit in 2014. It’s about an hour and a half drive to where my grandma lives and I was surprised to see a part of Holland that has more snow than where I live. And it was colder there too!

During the car ride I saw some of the pretty whiteness of winter and I had to take a picture.

Grandma was happy to see us again!!! Whenever we visit her we take her out to the cafeteria for some snackin’ and chit chatting. We kept grandma company for an hour and a half. Before we left we took some snaps and selfies too!

The home she’s living at was all nicely decorated for the holidays. It was a must to take a picture of grandma and a beautiful Christmas tree! I also took some selfies that includes my dad and my grandma, but he doesn’t want his picture online. Although, I think there are a few older posts on my blog where I did post a picture of him, but oh well.

I was happy to have visited my sweet grandma again!!

After our short little visited we went to friends of my parents for dinner. They live about 45 minutes further from where my grandma lives. I’ve known one of them since I was a little kid, so my folks have been friends for like 30 years. They get together a couple times a year during special occasions.

The city they live in was covered with snow as well and decorated for the holidays. Even tho Christmas is over already, I couldn’t help but still feel like I am in a Christmas mood!

Dinner was delicious. We had Peking Duck with pork, chicken, veggies, tofu and rice! It was yummy. I even got a little doggy bag to bring home with me, so I can eat that tomorrow. Not having to worry about cooking dinner is nice.

I was kinda worried to have issues with allergies, because they have a cute cat named Leila. I was fine the whole time, until an hour before we left. I got all teary and my eyes started to itch like a mother fucker. Such a shame, because Leila is just so cute! Allergy or not, I did took some selfies with her.

We went back home just before 11pm, for a two hour ride. I was so sleepy, I nodded off for a moment while listening to the first six tracks of Madonna’s upcoming new album Rebel Heart. When I woke up I was almost home. My mom said I have been snoring like a pig. Oh well!

I had a great day going out and about. It was great seeing my grandma again. I hope to see her again real soon in the new year.

Tomorrow is the final day of the year, everyone! What are you guys up to for New Year’s Eve? Nothing special for me. I will just hang at my folks and that’s it. Let me know in the comments what your plans are. If you want, that is.

Anyway, thanks for reading about my day. I hope you’re all doing well. Ta-ta for now, lovies!