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Wishing you an amazing 2023!

The new year is upon us and I would like to take the time and write a blog post to kind of recap this year. Where did the time go? It feels to me that this year went by even faster than the previous year, or is it just me? But, it was a great year nonetheless. I feel that I have changed a lot this year. Sure, there were moments where I needed to detach myself a little bit, but I was aware of my thoughts and feelings, and I got through it.

I have been streaming on Twitch a lot this year and I want to take the moment to acknowledge my gratitude for all the love and support I have received from everyone who came across my channel. Especially to those who have stuck around the entire year. Thank you for making me feel loved and appreciated. In a way a lot of you have dragged me out of my shell more and you all made me feel I can be my silly self and not care about what others think. I gained much more confidence and I am appreciate that a lot. I feel that this can only lead to better and bigger things, and I thank you for that. I am looking forward to start streams again in the new year!

The next thing I am grateful for, or happy about rather, is being back in contact with my mother. Mom and I had a falling out about four years ago and we had no contact whatsoever. Until my dad was hospitalized earlier this year and that brought us back together again. And it has been great since then. Family is back together! My mom is currently 68 and my dad is 73, and I hope to have them around for a very long time.

Since recently I have been posting a shit load of reels/short form videos on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. They are relatable reels that are mostly cringey, but I am having so much fun with it! Now, I am not the kind of person who focuses on numbers, but they have been doing pretty good on YouTube. On Instagram I even got over 10k views on a few of them. But still, they’re just numbers. I am just having a blast making them, and that’s all that matters. But who knows, maybe more of them will blow up in the new year! That would be amazing. I will continue posting them, even tho many are ridiculously cringey. But that’s the fun part. I don’t take myself too seriously. That’s also another thing I learned to embrace more, which is poking fun at myself, while pretending I am a big deal, which I am clearly not. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m a weirdo. I guess that’s what not taking yourself seriously is.

I don’t have any resolutions for the new year. I actually find having resolutions weird, but that’s just me. Why wait and change something in your life when it’s the new year, when you can make changes right now? It never makes sense to me why people are like “new year, new me” bull shit. The only thing I wish is that only good vibes and good things will happen. And that is all. Of course I wish that for everyone.

So, yeah! That’s all for now, folks! I hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve! Stay safe and I will definitely see you again in 2023! Happy new year!


The end of 2021 is upon us!

First of all, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a great weekend. I managed to survive another Christmas all by myself. I treated myself and cheated with lots of food and I drank lots of Rosé. It’s safe to say that I was pretty tipsy on Christmas Eve and the evening n Christmas Day. But it was nice. It was chill. It was something I felt like doing, so what are you gonna do about it. Anyway…

The year of 2021 is coming to an end it’s time for another end of the year blog, looking back on the things that has happened this year. Which is not a whole lot. While the whole world is pretty much in chaos, I have managed to remain centered, as much as I can be and just do my own thing, basically. I have been pretty consistent with streaming three evenings on Twitch, which is always a blast. Hanging out with like minded people, having a shit load of laughs. And meeting new people along the way. I am grateful to have my own little community, or shall I say ‘tribe’, with people who accept me for who I am. A silly, dirty minded, dork that is Leander. I am super grateful for all the love I have received from so many people around the world.

Earlier this year I took a break from creating The Sims 4 speed build video for my YouTube channel, but since a few months now I have been recording and uploading videos again. Not as much as I used to, but I am trying my best to upload at least one video per week. So far it’s going well, so hopefully I can stick to it. We’ll see how that goes.

With streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to YouTube I have been struggling a little bit with growing. I haven’t been doing a great job with throwing myself out there, if that makes any sense. Like networking and ‘marketing’ myself. I put out the usual ‘I am live on Twitch’ and ‘I uploaded a new video’ tweets, but that doesn’t really do the trick. I need to try to engage more I think, right? It’s so hard! I branded myself D-List, because I have been streaming for almost four years now, and during the four years I have seen so many people come and many people go. I think it’s safe to say that I have two handful of people have stuck by me since the beginning. Of course I am very grateful for that (you know who you are!). I really need to try and come up with some sort of networking strategy, or something, and broaden my audience. If anyone of you who reads this have any suggestions, I am all ears! In the mean time I’ll just stay D-List. I am embracing it, tho!

I don’t really have resolutions for the new year. I don’t believe in resolutions. They are lame! Why wait until the new year to make changes in your life? That’s just my opinion. I have blogged about this previously. The only thing I hope the new year will give me is less setbacks and more things that are in my favor.

There are a few things I notice this year that have changed me. I feel more myself. More confident. More aware. I also take less shit from people. People who give me shit I either just ignore or just brush off. I also learned not to please everyone with what they want or need, or dealing with people who make me feel like I owe them something. Ugh, aren’t they the worst kind? Yeah, I can definitely say that I am more in control of my own needs. Thinking back to a few years ago it was not something I was able to do easily. I think part of it has to do with streaming on Twitch. I remember when I first started streaming. I was so nervous! If it wasn’t for the encouragement that I got from a few friends I met online I wouldn’t have considered streaming at all. And look at me now! That definitely made me feel more confident, more outspoken and more myself! (Thank you Aden!). There’s still a lot of work in progress, but I feel positive that I will get there, eventually.

Instead of being all alone at home on New Year’s Eve, I will be spending it with my dear friend Aden, also known as Devon Bumpkin. He will be streaming on his Twitch channel and yours truly will be joining him and his lovely community! I am looking forward to that. I am pretty sure booze will be involved, so that should be a treat!

Anyway, I think that’s enough of reflecting. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s not a whole lot to talk about. The year flew by super fast! Thank you for reading my blog! I will try to post more and consistently in the new year. Thank you to all the lovely people I came across on the Internet, mainly Twitch. I am grateful for all the love! I wish you all a great New Year’s Eve! Be safe and I will see you again in 2022! Happy new year!


Happy New Year

Wow, this is the first post of 2021! Happy New Year, everyone! The first couple of days in the new year I have been doing nothing but chillin’. I canceled my stream on New Year’s Day, because I felt like I needed a little break, so that’s what I did. New Year’s Eve was chill for me as well. I have been talking to my online friends a lot, killing time and just do whatever.

New Year’s Eve must have been so different for everyone on this planet. And it’s safe to say that 2020 sucked big time. I hope in the new year we get to see things change for the best. I am over this whole pandemic! I want everything to go back to normal. But I feel it will take a while before the world is completely recovered and at ease. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

So, the past couple of days I have been unproductive. I haven’t recorded any videos yet for my YouTube channel. I felt rather uninspired, which I hope will change soon. Gotta get my groove back, you know what I mean? I have been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto V on my Playstation 4 Pro, doing missions and stuff. Love the game. I have the game on my PC as well and I used to stream it a couple of times on Twitch. I am pleased that I am further with the game than when I was playing it on my PC. I planned to play some more today, but I was forcing myself to take a little break from it, so I finally started watching season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK!

Tomorrow I will start getting back to my regular streaming schedule again, my first stream in the new year. We’ll probably build in The Sims 4 again, but I don’t know yet what to build. I’ll just make up something quickly before I go live. Or find some inspiration online, that helps too. So, I hope to catch you all when I am live!

But, yeah! I hope everyone had a great start of the new year. And I really hope that the new year will give a lot of people something better, for everyone. All I can say is that I will send each and everyone of you positive vibes. And I am reminding you that we’re all in this together. Try to have a positive mindset, okay?

I don’t have any New Year’s Resolution. I don’t do that. People often have resolutions for when it’s a new year, but not me. Why wait and change something when it’s a new year, while you have the chance to make changes before a new year starts? It never really makes sense to me.

Enough rambling for now! Again, Happy New Year! Be good and be kind!