Yay! I ordered two tickets for Madonna’s show in Amsterdam through the ICON fanclub pre-sale! I’m all set for September third! Tickets were so damn expensive though. But luckily enough I have a sweet dad who was able to chip in! I purchased two tickets! I would love it if Gosia came with me, but she’s not sure! Would be the bomb. I had such a good time with her in Paris during Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour!

I’m so glad that I have tickets. On Saturday it will be the general sale. On that day I am flying to Suriname. Would be so out of control to go to the airport in the middle of the night, queue at the ticketmaster desk there and then check in for my flight right after. I’m good now! Now all I have to do is wait! I already got my holiday’s approved for the day after the concert. Also got days off on the days she has a show in Paris and some shows in Germany. You know, just in case I manage to get tickets for those as well! It will defenitely be Madonna summer again! Can’t wait! Bring it on, Madonna!