Hooray! I managed to secure two tickets for Madonna’s show in Amsterdam through the ICON fanclub pre-sale! I’m all set for September third, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Admittedly, the tickets were quite pricey, but luckily, my kind dad pitched in, so I was able to purchase two of them. I’m really hoping that Gosia will decide to join me; it would be absolutely amazing. We had such a fantastic time together during Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour in Paris!

Having these tickets brings me so much joy. The general sale is coming up on Saturday, but on that day, I’ll be en route to Suriname. It would be quite a wild idea to dash to the airport in the middle of the night, stand in line at the ticketmaster desk, and then proceed to check in for my flight. But I don’t need to resort to that now; I’m all sorted. All that’s left is the waiting game!

I’ve already had my holidays approved for the day after the concert. I’ve also managed to secure some time off on the days when Madonna has shows in Paris and a few in Germany. You know, just in case I can score tickets for those too! It’s shaping up to be another Madonna-filled summer, and I simply can’t wait. Bring it on, Madonna!