Today I went back to work after three days off. Blah is the only thing I can say about it! I don’t know why it is always difficult for me to go back to work when I am off for a couple of days. I wonder how things will go after I am back from my 3 weeks vacation. I can’t think about that now. Work was okay today. There is this guy working at the Basiq Air department who is kinda cute. Yeah I want him to want me! Haha! Atleast he’s gonna be! Haha. Anyway, yeah something nice to look at yeah. He’s probably straight. Gosh, what is up with that? Straight is boring! Oh well, hihi!

I called up Jenny when I was finished with work. We are gonna meet up tomorrow afternoon in the city of Amsterdam. I work ’til 3:30pm, and after that I will go see her. When I spoke with her on the phone she already made me laugh! I can’t wait ’til tomorrow. It’s gonna be nice! Sweet Jenny! She’s the gnarliest person ever! Missed her like crazy! She is such a good friend. We are somewhat different from each other, but still we get along just great. She’s such a great friend. Never letting you down. So not selfish! She never let things come from her side only. Being friends with Jenny is a reward. You know then what friendship is all about. Coming from both sides, and that is what it’s all about. Always there when you need someone to talk too. Always ringing up from time to time to say: what’s up! That’s what I do too and that is something that will last forover! Just wanted to say that! Jenny, you fucking rock! Remember that!

Well that’s it for now. I am gonna get something to eat and then I am off to bed. Have to get my fucking ass up early tomorrow morning! Hope everyone is doing great! Peace out!