You guys! I have a new addiction and I don’t know if this is a problem. There’s a game that I started playing recently and I am obsessed. The game is called Genshin Impact, an open world anime styled role playing fantasy and adventure game by miHoYo. The curiosity started when I noticed and watched some people playing it on Twitch. So, I went ahead and downloaded the game on my PlayStation 4. The game is free, with optional in-game stuff that’s available for purchase.

The game never bores you! There’s lots of missions, different quests and stories, puzzles, exploring… You can even play with others in co-op! There’s a ton of stuff! And there are constant updates as well with new quests, characters and stories!

It’s safe to say that I am addicted! Does anyone of you play the game? Are you just as addicted as I am? What is happening?

The game is available on many different platforms, even on mobile devices like iPhone and Adroid!

I have added the game in my streaming schedule on Twitch as well. I even suggested the game to some of my viewers who are playing it now as well.