Madonna’s Madame X concert film has finally graced our screens! With eager anticipation, I sat down to watch it last night, and it was an absolute masterpiece, well worth the long wait. Regrettably, I couldn’t attend the live show, which was a letdown. The theater tour didn’t include a stop in The Netherlands, and making the trip to Paris or London wasn’t financially feasible this time. Nevertheless, I’m overjoyed that my beloved queen has made the film available, and, as I mentioned, it’s genuinely a magnificent work of art.

The performance primarily showcases songs from the Madame X album, with just a handful of classics added to the setlist, including “Vogue,” “Human Nature,” “Frozen,” and “Like A Prayer.”

“Artists are here to disturb the peace…”


You know, I have to admit… Madonna’s Madame X album isn’t my top pick. There are a few songs on the album that I enjoy, but it hasn’t been an album I’d listen to consistently, unlike her previous works. However, after watching the concert film, I have this strange feeling that my perspective might shift! Isn’t that a bit peculiar?

The concert film can be streamed on Paramount Plus. I’m really hoping for a physical release on DVD or BluRay in the future – that would be even more fantastic. Have you had a chance to watch the Madame X concert film? It was absolutely incredible, wasn’t it? I’m just head over heels for my queen!

Additionally, the audio from the Madame X show is also accessible on streaming services like Spotify!