What’s up, everyone!

This evening marked one of the most incredible nights of my life! After being a fan for a whole decade, I finally had the opportunity to see one of my all-time favorite comedians, Kathy Griffin, live at the Meervaart Theatre in Amsterdam. And let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic! She’s fierce, amazing, unapologetic, and just downright awesome!

I attended the show with two friends, and we met up for a delightful dinner at a bistro near the theater before the event. We had a lovely meal, caught up with each other, and chatted for about an hour. After dinner, we made our way to the theater for the show.

The atmosphere at the venue was like gay heaven! Kathy Griffin has a massive gay following, and I’m pretty sure that about 90% of the audience were my fellow LGBTQ community members, and I absolutely loved it!

The show kicked off at 8:15 and lasted for a full two hours. It was nothing short of amazing! We had fantastic seats in the fourth row, and I was in complete awe of how close we were to Kathy Griffin. She’s petite and fierce! The performance was phenomenal, and I was laughing non-stop from start to finish. It was the best! Unfortunately, taking pictures or videos of the show was strictly prohibited, but that’s okay. I leaned back, relaxed, and savored every moment of the show. This was Kathy’s very first visit and first show in Holland, and I sincerely hope she’ll return in the near future because I’ll be there!

In conclusion, I had an absolute blast! I can hardly wait to catch her next show this upcoming Thursday in Antwerp, Belgium. Thank you for the laughs, Kathy! You’re the best!