The past week I have been feeling rather off because of certain happenings in my life and shit. Usually I know how to snap out of it, but this time it really took a toll on me emotionally. I even cancelled a whole weekend of streams.

So, I have been going through drastic changes. Since last Sunday I started working out a little bit again. Also doing a bit of a body cleanse as well. But that that’s not really a big deal. The major change is that I decided to bleach my hair. I felt so stuck that I needed to change something with my appearance and the way I look. So I did it. I bleached my fucking hair!

I haven’t dyed my hair in over a decade. So this is a big thing! I need to bleach it again sometime cause it looks orange-y at the moment. And I want to go for platinum blonde. So that will happen sometime soon after my hair heals a little bit from all the chemicals. It doesn’t really look that orange-y in the pictures above. Quite odd. But I like how it looks and I think it suits me well. It’s bold, isn’t it?

But, anyway, that is all I have to report for now. I hope everyone is flourishing and thriving! I’ll post again soon.