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Homestead View

Hey, everyone! Here’s another build I did in The Sims 4 for my YouTube channel! This is a three bedroom and three bathroom family home! Two of the bedrooms are for kids/toddlers. There’s also a laundry room. The kitchen is very spacious and the dining room is separate. There’s also a little bar area and a small secondary living room. There’s a swimming pool out in the back, as well as plenty of gardening plots to plant fruits, flowers and vegetables.

What do you think of this house? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you!

Download this house in The Sims 4 Gallery below!

Here are screenshots of the build.

Check out the speed build video, there’s a lot of laughing in it.

The Sims 4

Suburban Dream

Here’s a two bedroom and three bathroom one story family home I built in The Sims 4! I even did a little with the terrain tool as well, creating different levels on the exterior with that and foundations. Download this house from The Sims 4 Gallery by clicking the ‘download’ button below! Or searched under my EA ID, which is ‘itsleander’.

Here are some screenshots of the house!

Check out the speed build video!


Will I ever get to work again?

I am dealing with some anxiety at the moment and it’s making me sick to my stomach! So many things are going through my mind and it’s giving me a headache. I am feeling quite clueless right now. I am having a hard time putting things in order.

I haven’t had a proper and normal every day job since 2010. I used to work for a major airline company for about eight years, handling sales and stuff. I lost my former job that year because of mental health issues. I was suddenly dealing with severe depression and anxiety and I have been in therapy for many, many years after I lost my job. I didn’t know what was going on with me. I totally shut myself off from the outside world, I had suicidal thoughts and absolutely no positive outlook on anything anymore. I’ve had assistance from the government, but it has been a real struggle. And it still is!

In the beginning of 2020. right before COVID-19 took over the world, I was doing so much better again. I had a positive outlook again and I was eager to get back out there again and see what my options are. However, I was worried because I hadn’t worked for ten years! But when everything got shut down because of the pandemic and the whole country was in lock down, my goal was basically put on hold.

Right now it’s 2022! The past two years of basically being isolated did have an effect on my mental health again, but I managed to control it by being aware of my thoughts and emotions. After being in therapy for so long I learned the tools on how to deal, maintain and go through it, and try to remain having a positive outlook on things. But I can’t help but worry. I am not getting any younger. Will I ever get a normal job again after twelve years of not working? It’s a very long gap. I got so many questions going through my head right now. Where do I start? Who would hire me? I got skills and I got qualifications, but twelve years ago I was thirty years old. Right now I am almost forty-two! Will there be anyone who would hire me at this age and after a twelve year gap? That thought really scares me. I can’t live like this for the rest of my life. I really don’t know where to start. Feeling the way I feel right now is not really helping either. I feel kind of stuck again, and I hate it. How can I approach this?

Even though I am doing so much better today than a decade ago I still have my moments of social anxiety. Although I do feel more confident, but not being out there and having face to face interaction with people, doesn’t really challenge me either. I feel I would be okay, but I’ll never know if I don’t have something to push me to be around people more. Especially now, since I am feeling a lot better than before.

Is there’s someone out there who can help me out or give me some sort of direction? Because right now it feels I am walking into a brick wall! I would love to do something within the travel industry. I worked for an airline and I have traveled the world quite a bit in the past, so it would be amazing if I could find something in that area again. Is there still anything out there like this after twelve years? Things must have changed a lot too.

When I worked for an airline company I had extensive training with their booking systems. I learned about ticketing, fare calculations and fare conditions, etc. The company also provided customer service, escalation and assertiveness training. I am very good with using a computer. I am fluent in Dutch and English, both spoken and written. I know my way around with video editing and graphics design software. Could these skills lead me to something?

I really need to clear my mind. I have been feeling anxious the whole day and it’s giving me a headache.

I received an e-mail the other day from someone within the government, informing me they will call me in a few weeks to check on me and see how things are. Maybe I should explain to them everything I have been feeling and thinking today.

You don’t look sick…

I gotta be honest. Shortly after I lost my former job I needed to get financial assistance from the government. Because I had a mortgage and continuing bills that needed to be paid. But they weren’t very helpful. I got the financial assistance, but they kept pressuring me and pushing me around to look for a new job, whilst dealing with my mental health. At that time I had no idea what was wrong with me. I was constantly down and depressed. I was suffering from migraines several times a week. The government even cut me off for one month because of the lack of willingness to look for a new job. Them cutting me off led to bills piling up the following months and that led to having debts. I was so lost and stressed I wanted to die. I couldn’t deal with anything anymore. It wasn’t until my father had to drag me out of my apartment to go see my doctor, because I isolated and shut myself off from everything. So that’s when my doctor referred me to a psychiatrist. I had a lot of sessions every week for the many years that followed. But when I think back on the lack of support and understanding I got from the government all these years ago, it makes me feel stressed. I remember saying to the person who was dealing with my case back then that I wasn’t feeling well. And they responded to me to me: “You don’t look sick”. Back then I didn’t think much of it, but when I think about those words they said to me right now, it brings up a lot of anger.

I really need to let those feelings go and not get worked up over it again. It just angers me so much. I just wished they didn’t treat me like a number. And instead show me some compassion and understanding. And really assist me to get back on track. But they did nothing! If they were being helpful from the beginning then things may have gone a different way. Maybe I wouldn’t have wasted twelve years of my life. Maybe they could have assisted me with schooling or something else that would benefit me. But no, I wasted twelve freakin’ years, being depressed, dealing with therapy every week and struggling to get by with the little financial assistance they provided.

I am literally shedding a few tears while I am typing this blog. I guess I figured out what caused today’s anxiety. It’s them! I guess it was needed to get this off my chest. Let’s hope when I have that phone call in a few weeks they are willing to assist me and my needs. I need to make notes of all the things I want to say. I really want to have a normal life again, have a job, save money, do fun things. I am really tired of living like this. Let’s hope for the best. In the mean time I am gonna try my best to remain positive. This shall pass too! Maybe there will be a follow up to this post, who knows?

Thanks for reading.

The Sims 4

I have a Simstagram

So, I have been putting this off for a long time, but this afternoon I was having a little chit-chat with my good friend Steve and I asked him if I should have a separate Instagram account where I post and share all of my Sims related content. And his answer was ‘yes’! So, earlier today I went ahead and created my secondary Instagram account, or should I say ‘Simstagram’ account? It’s my second one, because I already have my personal Instagram for the last couple of years.

Since my Twitch and YouTube channel is branded as ITSLEANDERTV, I have decided to use the same name for my second Instagram. On that account I will post screenshots of my builds, my favorite custom content, let’s plays and anything else I create/build that is Sims related.

So, if you’re into The Sims, click the ‘Simstagram’ button below to go straight to my new Sims-only Instagram account and give me a follow!

There’s also my person Instagram account, if you’re interested in seeing random picture of me, myself and I, plus my so-called life.

Alright, that’s all I had to announce and share! Thanks for the love and support.

The Sims 4

Villa Tartosa

Here’s another build I did in The Sims 4, built in the beautiful world of Tartosa. This is a three bedroom and two bathroom family home. There’s a separated dining room, a laundry room, an office and a little library area. Download the house from The Sims 4 Gallery by clicking the download button below. And let me know in the comments below what you think of this house.

Here are some screenshots of the house.

Here’s the speed build video! If you aren’t subscribed to my channel on YouTube yet, go subscribe for more speed builds!

The Sims 4

Dark Bachelor Cabin

I was pretty uninspired this week, so I am giving you a small modern one bedroom cabin that I built in The Sims 4. Perfect for a single Sim, but I suppose a couple could live in this cabin as well. The bedroom is completely separated. There’s an open kitchen and living area, a restroom, bath with shower and a walk-in closet. You can download it from The Sims 4 Gallery by clicking the download button below.

Here are some screenshots of the the house. The speed build video is below.

The Sims 4

Leander’s Shell Challenge #6

It’s time for shell challenge #6, everyone! It’s been almost a year since we have done one.

Download the shell from The Sims 4 Gallery! My EA ID is ‘itsleander’, or you can search for it using #itsleandershell6, or you can download it by clicking the button below.

The rules are the following:

1) This must be a Residential House!
2) Do not delete or move any walls on the exterior. Keep the shell as it is.
3) Adding (half) walls, fences, foundations, basements and roofs are allowed. You are free to adjust the wall height to short, medium or tall. Basement is allowed too.
4) The shell fits best on a 30×20 lot, but you are free to use a bigger lot if you wish on any of the worlds.
5) Feel free to rotate the shell in which ever way you like.
6) No custom content.
7) Use any pack that you own.
8) DEBUG objects are allowed.
9) Make the landscaping around the house nice, pretty and presentable.
10) Have fun!

Upload your finished house to the gallery using the hashtag:

I will tour your creations live on stream on Saturday, March 19, 2022 @ 8PM CET on

Screenshots of all entries will be showcased and posted here on my website along with your Gallery ID!

If you have any other questions regarding this challenge feel free to drop a comment below or tweet me!