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It’s a Celebration

So, my number one idol Madonna announced a new world tour this past Tuesday and tickets went on sale yesterday. I was totally stressing out, scared I wouldn’t be able to get a ticket. I logged on the Ticketmaster website and a couple thousands were already before me, waiting for tickets to go on sale. Thank goodness I was able to snatch a ticket and I am super happy! This will be my tenth Madonna concert. The show will be at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on December 1st, so it’s still quite a long wait, but it will be worth it. The Celebration Tour will be a celebration of four decades of Madonna, filled with many of her greatest hits from the last 40 years!

I got the Golden Circle Early Entry ticket, so I get to enter the venue earlier before the general public. So hopefully I will get a good spot where I can see my queen up close again. Did I mention that I am super excited?

Yeah, December 1st can’t get here soon enough. It will be another Madonna spectacle, I’m sure! Tell me, are you going to see Madonna’s Celebration Tour? If so, when and where?

Queen of Pop, forever!


Kathy Griffin in Amsterdam

What’s up, everyone!

This evening was one of the best nights of my freakin’ life! After a decade of being a fan I finally got the chance to see one of my favorite comedians, Kathy Griffin, live at the Meervaart Theatre in Amsterdam! And boy, it was the best ever! She is fierce, amazing, unapologetic and just freakin’ awesome!

I went to the show with two friends of mine who I met up with before the show at a little bistro across the theatre. We had a lovely dinner there, caught up and chatted with each other for like an hour and after dinner we headed to the theatre for the show.

At the venue, it was like gay heaven! It’s know that Kathy Griffin has a huge gay following and I’m pretty sure that 90% of the audience there were my fellow LGBTQ people and I fucking loved it!

The show started at 8:15 and it lasted for two hours! It was amazing! We had great seats on row four and I was pretty much in awe to see Kathy Griffin so close! She’s just so tiny and fierce! The set was amazing, I literally laughed from start to finished and it was just the best! I don’t have any pictures or videos of the show, cause it was strictly prohibited, but that’s okay! I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the show! This was Kathy’s first ever visit and first ever show in Holland and I really hope she’ll be back again in the near future, because I will be there!

All in all, I had a blast! And I cannot wait to see her next show this coming Thursday in Antwerp, Belgium! Thank you for the laughs, Kathy! You’re the best!


Meeting Miranda Sings in Amsterdam

On Thursday I went to see the Miranda Sings show in Amsterdam and it was a lot of fun! A couple months ago I finally decided to go get VIP tickets for her show, which includes a meet and greet, and it was the best decision I made this year! My social anxiety wasn’t pleasant to deal with, but I made it through and I had an awesome time!

I went to Amsterdam by train at around 2pm. I haven’t been to Amsterdam in a long time and it brought back memories of when I was working in Amsterdam, the long commute by train. I can’t believe I managed to stay sane to go to Amsterdam back and forth every day!

When I arrived at The RAI Theatre, there were already dozens of people standing in line. At first I felt kinda awkward, because I am all by myself, but there were many other people who were alone as well. That made me feel less akward. The doors opened at 5pm and everyone made their way inside. The meet and greet started at 5:30pm and lasted for about an hour I think. There were maybe around 100 people for the meet and greet, maybe more, I’m not sure.

During the meet and greet there was also a Q&A where she answered questions from the audience. They it was time for everyone to get their pictures taken with Miranda Sings, a.k.a. Colleen Ballinger. When it was my turn to get my picture taken with Miranda Sings I was so excited! I got two pictures with her and I almost started to cry when I said to her that her videos always make me smile on my saddest days. She hugged me and she’s just so lovely! Colleen is truly a kind hearted, fun and sweet person!

I also got my picture taken with Kory, her gay best friend, and actor Erik Stocklin from Haters Back Off, who joined Miranda on tour. He was also in the shows Stalker and Criminal Minds, just to name a view. Both were so kind and down to earth as well.

I got Colleen, Kory and Erik presents too. I bought this backpack that has ‘Amsterdam’ written on it, and I put some Dutch treats in there for them as well as a postcard with a little message from me. I really hope they liked it!

After the meet and greet we had to wait for like an hour and a half until the show started. People who had regular tickets slowly made their way inside and at 8pm the show started. It was so much fun! Colleen is so fantastic as Miranda Sings! It was hilarious! She interacted a lot with the audience. Some got invited to join her on stage as well. It was a great show!

The show ended at 9:30pm and after that I went back home! I am really glad that I went and I will definitely go again when she comes to Amsterdam! In the end my social anxiety didn’t got the best of me. I am glad I got through it! I also vlogged that day and you can check out that video below. But, yeah! It was fun! Thank you Colleen! You’re my all time favorite YouTuber! And thank you Kory and Erik!

I am already looking forward to the next tour! 🙂


I got Madonna tickets!

Yay! I ordered two tickets for Madonna’s show in Amsterdam through the ICON fanclub pre-sale! I’m all set for September third! Tickets were so damn expensive though. But luckily enough I have a sweet dad who was able to chip in! I purchased two tickets! I would love it if Gosia came with me, but she’s not sure! Would be the bomb. I had such a good time with her in Paris during Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour!

I’m so glad that I have tickets. On Saturday it will be the general sale. On that day I am flying to Suriname. Would be so out of control to go to the airport in the middle of the night, queue at the ticketmaster desk there and then check in for my flight right after. I’m good now! Now all I have to do is wait! I already got my holiday’s approved for the day after the concert. Also got days off on the days she has a show in Paris and some shows in Germany. You know, just in case I manage to get tickets for those as well! It will defenitely be Madonna summer again! Can’t wait! Bring it on, Madonna!


It’s all about the Mojito

Last night was so much fun! I went to The Arc in Amsterdam together with Soraya. It was cocktail night! We had some drinks and we ate some nice and delicious finger food. All we had to drink was Mojito. We had like 6 each? I don’t remember. All I remembered was that we were both totally wasted! It was nice though. I had a great time. The bar closed at 1am so after that we went to have some more food at Febo! I was starving. Then I just went home, because I had a train to catch!

Now something embarrassing happened for the second time. I fucking fell asleep in the train and I woke up in Rotterdam! I was so bummed! There I had to wait for an hour for the next nighttrain. I was so pissed. I already had a headache. I couldn’t wait to be home. I was home at about 4:30am. I went to sleep immediately. I had a nice sleep. When I woke up I felt so exhausted. Not really a hang over, thank God. I was supposed to go out today and got some passport pictures. I will do that tomorrow. Also I will need to get a new passport, for the United States next month. Probably gonna cost me money again! Oh well.

Nothing more to say at the moment. Still a bit tired! Tomorrow evening I have to work until 7am the next morning! What a joy! Peace out!